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Career Accomplishment Highlights

  • Initiated and guided changes that reduced software defect rate 63% and project costs 47% through implementation of agile development processes
  • Mentored major European e-commerce vendor in move from traditional to agile development processes
  • ​​Oversaw and guided the use of three month agile development project to build a customer retention system, which paid for itself in less than one week
  • Achieved 25:1 reduction in defects per developer hour through implementation of agile development methods
  • Led on-shore / off-shore team of 130+ testers and managers, to launch dozens of new ecommerce sites and hundreds of enhancements to existing sites for over 70 top international retailers
  • Drove 30% reduction in QA hours relative to development hours over two years ($6mm+ annual savings)
  • Experienced master black belt
  • ​Coached Customer Relationship Management consolidation project, resulting in $12 million annual revenue increase, and $5 million annual expense reduction
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Bob Jarvis, Founder
Quality Enablement LLC

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Certified Six Sigma Black Belt